Third Party Access

The MSP transmission pipeline form part of a major infrastructure network, linking Mozambique and South Africa, passing through several provinces and towns across the two countries ending in Secunda. Tie-in points are present at various locations along the length of the pipeline, to accommodate possible third-party connections.

Requests for access to the MSP will be dealt with in accordance with the procedure as outlined in the Gas Network Code. The procedure sets out the process to be followed and criteria to be observed. The available ullage from the entry point at CPF to Ressano Garcia is ca. 8 PJ/a, and while from Ressano Garcia to Secunda is ca. 40 PJ/a.

Request For Customer’s Capacity Reservation Estimate And Information

To ensure the availability of the requisite infrastructure, ROMPCO hereby request the customer to complete the below template that will assist ROMPCO to reserve the available capacity for utilisation. Any additional information/ notes/ presentation that will assist ROMPCO in its planning and execution processes will be highly appreciated.

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