Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Through our Safety, Health, Environmental Risk and Quality (SHERQ) programme at ROMPCO we strive for zero harm and enable step change in our safety performance through commitment and operational discipline. Our Zero Harm management framework supports our embedded safety culture; ensuring appropriately trained employees are equipped to work safely. To educate and continuously inform all stakeholders. We are guided by our ethical behavioral standards defined by our Code of Conduct.

We conduct our business while pursuing harmony between environmental protection activities and local communities/business partners to hand down a healthy and sustainable environment to the next generations.


We ensure a sustainable business environment and are committed to safety, health, and wellness practices, and strive to work and live injury free.


We believe that all injuries and accidents can be prevented, and that safety outweighs all other considerations.


We ensure sound governance and compliance with all applicable and relevant SHERQ laws and regulations.


We actively manage our environmental footprint to minimize and mitigate adverse impacts on the environment.

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