The ROMPCO community development initiatives focus on education and health. ROMPCO focuses on these two elements because they are critical components for achieving sustainable development. Education is a key driver of economic growth and social progress. By investing in education, communities can develop a skilled workforce, increase productivity, and reduce poverty. Education also empowers individuals with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their lives and contribute to their communities.

Health is another critical area of focus in community development initiatives. Access to basic healthcare services can help prevent illnesses, reduce mortality rates, and improve overall well-being. When people are healthy, they can lead productive lives, contribute to their communities, and drive economic growth. Investing in education and health not only benefits individuals, but also the wider community.


Educated and healthy individuals are more likely to participate in civic activities, support local businesses, and contribute to the overall growth of their communities. As such, ROMPCO sees education and health as essential components of sustainable community development.

SI Programme Objectives

The following are commonly shared objectives of ROMPCO’s CSI Programme:

· To make a positive, sustainable impact on the communities in which ROMPCO operates through investing in improving the quality of life of disadvantaged communities.

· To develop and empower disadvantaged communities through skills transfer and training for the sustainability and long-term growth of the company.

· To build and improve relationships with the company’s existing and potential stakeholders through forming mutually beneficial partnerships.

· To create and enhance the company’s reputation as a caring corporate citizen.

· To attract quality socially responsible staff to the company as well as retain and enhance the loyalty and pride in the company of the existing staff.

· To increase customer goodwill and loyalty.

Mobile Laboratory

Mobile Laboratory is booked through the Department of Education, the Mobile Science Laboratory is conducting prescribed Science experiments with schools for Grade 10,11 and 12 learners. Eight (8) secondary schools in the Ehlanzeni and Badplaas region with ± 900 learners are benefiting from these learner’s support programs.

Learner Support Programme

This is a learner support programme in the Chief Albert Luthuli-Badplaas circuit, Mpumalanga. Learners in this area receive extra support in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Accounting and Life Sciences. These extra tutorials are presented on Saturdays and during school holidays. Eight (8) secondary schools in the Ehlanzeni and Badplaas region with ± 900 learners are benefiting from these learner’s support programs.

Fire Truck Handover

On 3 November 2022, ROMPCO handed over a fire truck to the Elukwatini Fire Department in the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM). The truck costs approximately R2,8 million. The CALM areas are largely affected by structural fires, veld fires, and accidents. Due to the municipality’s financial constraints and a fleet that is not fit for purpose, ROMPCO heeded the call to assist with a fire truck. With the new fire truck, the station will be able to respond to emergency calls and reduce the response time. The MSP runs through the community of Elukwatini and should there be a fire-related incident on the pipeline, the new fire truck will enable emergency services to respond on time and adequately attend to it.

Mozambique Community Development Centre (CDC)

CDC is a joint project between CMG and ROMPCO which was initiated in 2022. This project intends to design and implement a CSR community project for enhanced socioeconomic status of the communities through job creation, promotion of well-being & sustainable development. 

A needs assessment /survey has been initiated to understand the priority needs of the communities in which we operate, along the pipeline route. This is intended to be a five-year program where the identified prioritized community needs will be addressed.

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