ROMPCO Honors Top Students in Its Scholarship Program

The Republic of Mozambique Investments Pipeline Company (ROMPCO) held last Thursday, May 25, in Maputo, the ROMPCO Bursar Engagement, an event dedicated to honoring the outstanding achievements of students sponsored by the scholarship program at Instituto Superior de Transport and Communications (ISUTC) in Mozambique.

ROMPCO Bursar Engagement serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the work and dedication of exceptional students who have consistently demonstrated exemplary academic performance and character. The ten scholarship holders received prizes, including a computer for each one.

The chief executive director of ROMPCO, Mlandzeni Boyce, explained that the company he runs is a joint venture between the Government of Mozambique and the South African, whose “primary objective is to transport gas from Temane to the markets of Mozambique and South Africa. But our mission goes beyond profits.” And he continued: “we believe in the power of education and health, which is a critical component in community sustainability. Education, as we all know, is the key to economic growth and social progress, as it has the potential to transform the lives of communities, which is why ROMPCO is involved in various educational activities for social prosperity”.

“During our 20 years of existence in Mozambique, we have built schools, created conditions to make water available to society, provided assistance to peasants and put more efforts into education”, noted Mlandzeni.

In turn, the dean of the Instituto Superior de Transportes e Comunicações, Fernando Leite, thanked ROMPCO the for the opportunity given to the students.

“About a year ago, when ROMPCO approached ISUTC, expressing availability and interest in supporting ISUTC students, I could not imagine that I would be here today. At the beginning there were two students, who went on to form four, from there they began to form six students and quickly became ten”, pointed out Fernando Leite, who hopes for the continuity of this scholarship program at his educational institution.


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