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ROMPCO, the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Company is a joint venture company with three shareholders, namely the South African Gas Development Company Limited (iGas), Companhia Limitada de Gasoduto (CMG) and Sasol Gas Holdings, Pty Ltd.  

Formed in 2004, ROMPCO is the commercial operator of an 865km high-pressure gas pipeline connecting the onshore gas fields in Pande and Temane, Mozambique to Sasol’s operations in South Africa. Until the commissioning of the cross-country pipeline, Mozambique’s natural gas national asset had effectively been stranded.

When ROMPCO was established, there were limited opportunities for in-country gas monetisation in Mozambique, hence the need to base the initial development on the established gas market in South Africa. Today, Mozambique has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the country’s monetisation of gas is expanding. Connecting the county’s population to the national electricity grid is a priority for the nation’s government.

To address Mozambique’s expanding energy needs; ROMPCO has embarked on programmes to increase capacity and grow our in-country operations. To address the growing demand for natural gas, ROMPCO recently invested $200m to complete a 128km loop line to increase in-country pipeline capacity and market development.

Our aim is to continue to enable regional markets and gas monetisation across the continent and to expand our network in line with growing regional market demands.